Jorge Ordonez & Co. "Botani" Sierras de Malaga Moscatel (750ML) - WA90

Jorge Ordonez & Co. "Botani" Sierras de Malaga Moscatel (750ML) - WA90

The nose on this Moscatel de Alejandria is so incredibly refreshing, it's as if you were smelling just-clipped fresh herbs in your hand. Here, that comes in the form of a nose of sweet basil, fresh oregano, and spearmint, and some just-just ripe Jersey peaches. In your mouth, this wine is juicy, fresh, and fruity, but with a nice, dry end to it all that makes us crave a bowl of bucatini tossed with fruity olive oil, basil, and sardines, or some simple, velvety slices of tuna sashimi.-- PJ 90WA

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