Bisceglia "Terra di Vulcano" Aglianico 2011 (750ML) (Sustainable)

Bisceglia "Terra di Vulcano" Aglianico 2011 (750ML) (Sustainable)

Maybe it's something in the air, but lately we find ourselves drawn to mountains and volcanoes, when it comes to wine that is! There is something about the cool climates (yes we were surprised to discover that many volcanoes, when dormant, are pretty darn cool), the myriad of soil types (volcanoes often have more diverse soil than your standard vineyard), and old vines really yield some stunning results. This particular volcano happens to be Mount Vulture (pronounced "Vooltooreh" not like the bird), located in Basilicata, down south between the heel and the toe and, man, is it good. The nose is totally unique and difficult to place, but it's overflowing with roses, sweet tea, cinnamon and gravel. The palate continues with these exotic notes, plus structure and refreshing acidity (that's that cool volcano air talking!). A lovely discovery. - PJ

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