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PJ Wine, Inc. is one of the leading fine wine and spirit retailers in the United States. Based in New York City, PJ Wine was founded in 1991 by wine connoisseur, Peter Yi. PJ's mission is simple: source the best wines from around the world and showcase them to fine wine customers both locally and nationally at very competitive prices.

PJ's makes the extra effort to select the best wines in each category—whether through visiting wineries from the top winemaking regions in the world, attending trade tasting or holding our own regular staff tasting. That way we can offer you knowledgeable service based on first hand understanding of the wines we sell—and at the same time keep the clinkers off our shelves.

We make every effort to make wine shopping fast, easy and pleasurable. In the unlikely event an issue comes up with your order our aim is to resolve it quickly and without fuss. In sum, our goal is to provide you with the very best wines and wine values in every category at great prices with great service.

PJ Wine - Extraordinary Wines. Exceptional Prices.

Peter Yi


Peter is the owner of PJ Wine—a store he transformed from a small Inwood wine and spirits shop into one of the country's leading retailers for fine wine—and is one of the most recognizable faces in the biz. Peter has a passion for all things wine and food, but Spain holds a special place in his heart, especially the Basque Country. He is famous for his fearless honesty about wine—no matter who the producer—and his creative pairings—Lopez de Heredia Blanco and sea cucumber, anyone?—are legendary. His marathon-like ability to taste through hundreds of wines and still pick out the winners, is something to behold rather than attempt to keep up with. And if you ever find a quiet moment with him—something that is a bit of a challenge with his non-stop schedule—you'll learn more about food and wine in ten minutes than any culinary institute or sommelier school can offer you in a year.

Adam Eisenberg


Adam is a writer who lives in Brooklyn, New York. When he's not scribbling notes in front of a glass, or hunched over his laptop, you can find him losing bicycle races in Central and Prospect Park. His preference is for classic wines, not just those that express place, but traditions. He also likes to get freaky with natural wines and if it comes from the Jura, or is made from a "forgotten" Loire varietal, chances are he likes that too.



Evan McCormack

EVAN McCORMACK — Wine Manager/Buyer

Evan has been constantly on the move the past 5-10 years, but he's remained a New Yorker at heart. With no formal wine training, Evan's "geek"ification came at a very early age in Rochester, NY - when kids were picking up comics and video games, Evan couldn't resist reading mags like Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast. His wine pilgrimage began deep within his father's cellar where he got a real taste for New World Cabs, West Coast Pinots and sensuous Bordeaux. Evan believes in wine moods: ones' wine fancy changes hourly, seasonally or even geographically. Therefore, there is no pinpointing his absolute favorite grape (although a big cab from a hot shot producer always makes his mouth salivate) as he is much more interested in finding the perfect pairing of wine/food. With his free time, Evan finds himself pondering experimental blending and/or getting down and dirty at his family's vineyard in the Finger Lakes. With an intense passion for New York wines, he has high hopes of turning his family's boutique vineyard into an international sensation. When life is not all wine, Evan is traveling the world over singing opera and will someday find a marriage between the two worlds. For now, he contents himself in his quasi-diverged sipping and singing lifestyle regardless if the rest of the PJs staff abhors his sudden operatic outbursts!

Jose Estrella

JOSE ESTRELLA — Wine Consultant 

José has been at PJ's since 1998 and is the shop's "Bottle Master". There isn't a single bottle—either on the floor or in the cellar—that José can't locate on a moment's notice. José loves the big, bold style of New World wines, but he's also got a taste for the Old World, especially Ribera del Deuro. He's got a great palate, but even more impressive is his memory for wine. Put a glass under his nose and he can give you three wines—that we have in stock—that smell remarkably similar. Go ahead, try him. And so long as you don't talk smack about his favorite Dominican baseball players, you'll also find that he has PJ's best sense of humor and is really good at sneaking up behind you in the cellar.

David Carper

DAVID CARPER — Wine Consultant

David started working in the wine industry in 2005 after his job in the photo industry went away, but his passion for wine goes back to the 1980s, when he was exposed to classified growth Bordeaux and vintage Port. This early love affair encouraged him to explore other wine regions and styles, from German Riesling to big brawny Napa Cabs, always with an eye for the unusual, eventually gaining enough knowledge to become a Certified Specialist of Wine in 2010. When he's not enjoying a glass of wine or the occasional single malt Scotch, you're likely to find David pursuing his love of photography, juggling with his friends, or losing at poker.

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