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Outside of Burgundy and Bordeaux, no other red wines have the aging potential of traditional Riojas. And outside of Rioja, no other red wines have the aging potential as traditional Rioja at Rioja prices. A fine Rioja can go one hundred years and still have life (we know, we’ve tasted them!), but the entry fee is minimal when compared to wines of similar quality and gravitas.

And, an added benefit of Rioja is that the best wines (the Reservas and Gran Reservas) are only made in exceptional vintages. This means there’s no scratching your head over vintage charts or trolling websites trying to dig up weather conditions. Wineries like La Rioja Alta, Muga, Vina Real, Contino, Lopez de Heredia, and their peers, don’t make bad wines ever! On top of that, the wines are aged in barrel and in bottle before they are shipped from the wineries. So unlike Burgundy or Bordeaux, the wines are released and ready—if you choose—to begin enjoying the moment you pick up a bottle.

But even if the prices were high; even if we had to wait ten years with the wines in our cellars—we’d still do it. The unique flavor profile of Rioja—black cherries and raspberries married to spice and subtle coffee notes—is one we have to have in our lives. And more than that, we absolutely adore what happens to them over time—the secondary notes of leather and truffles, and their magical weightlessness is not comparable to the two Bs—it’s a special quality in and of itself.

So check out our comprehensive collection below—one of the best anywhere—and join us in celebrating one of the true, great wine regions in vinous history.

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