How much should you pay for a bottle of wine? Is a more expensive wine necessarily better? Are all cheap wines bad wines? The first question only you can answer. As for the other two, the answers are “no” and “no” again. Wine is a very personal thing and the only way to figure out if a wine is worth its weight in dollars is to taste, taste, and taste some more. And, of course, to give us a call. We’ll help you find the right bottle and the right price.


Party wines, bargains, and great bottles for opening on a whim.

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$10 – $25

The “sweet spot” for every day drinking without sacrificing quality.

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$25 – $35

For when you want to step up your game a bit.

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$35 – $40

A land of discoveries. Lots of collectible gems here too.

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$40 – $50

More collectibles, some back vintages, and a few surprises.

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$50 – $75

The category where serious aged wine begins, cult wines and secret finds.

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$75 – $100

The realm of Burgundy, Bordeaux, and Barolo. The good stuff.

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OVER $100

Collectibles, rarities, and those bottles for special occasions. 

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Drink wine. Save money.

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