Chateau Sainte Roseline Le Cloitre Provence Rose Cru Classe 2018 (750ml)

Chateau Sainte Roseline Le Cloitre Provence Rose Cru Classe 2018 (750ml)

The winner of our 2018 vintage Rosé Taste Off!

This is classic Provencal Rosé, being Grenache based, clean and crisp. The wine has a delicate light salmon hue, but do not let that fool you, for the character of the wine is full and complex. Great texture and mouthfeel adds to the overall enjoyment. It is easy to see why this won our taste off.

Château Sainte Roseline is a prestigious one thousand year old terroir with some vineyards created by Pope Jean XXII (1244 - 1334), and is one of the richest historical sites in Provence. History has graced the château with an exceptional double distinction. It is both a registered historical site and one of the Cru Classé vineyards since 1955 of the Côtes de Provence. These cultural awards have made the parish chapel one of the most visited sites in the Provence region and have rewarded the wine for its excellence. Indeed, the property is one of the most visited places in Provence thanks to its XII century cloister, its chapel built in 1329, just after the death of Sainte Roseline (1263 - 1329). The place has become a pilgrimage place with the actual body of Sainte Roseline being exposed on site in the Chapel (you will easily find it on google image or I can send you a picture if interested!). You can also find on site some Chagall mosaic, and a Giacometti bas relief. The new owner added some modern art that can be seen all around the property.

The property is ideally located at Arcs sur Argens, about 20 to 30 minutes away from Saint-Tropez or from the Cannes Croisette (where the wines are drunk in great quantities!).

It all began around a generous water source: The property has a God given gift for Provence to be ran through by above and underground water sources - Which explains why it has been populated since the XI century. We all know, through the novels of Giono and Pagnol, the importance of water in Provence... This makes a unique terroir, and especially in hot years like 2016 makes a huge difference to retain freshness in the wines, and reach the perfect maturity for the grapes. The winemakers can harvest their grapes without the fear of drought which can either cause greenness in the wines if you try to harvest too early to retain freshness, or avoid heaviness in the wines if you wait too long. The Sainte Roseline wines are therefore always fresh, expressive and balanced wines.

Based on seven centuries of grapevine cultivation, it can be said of Château Sainte Roseline’s terroir that it is one of the most outstanding in Provence. In 1955 it was awarded the appellation “CRU CLASSÉ.” The clay and limestone soil as well as the underground spring make a controlled feeding of the grapevines possible, thus ensuring the making of great wines. Château Sainte Roseline covers an area of 108 hectares on which are grown eleven different grape varieties, the main ones being :

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