Spaintember 2017 Tasting Session 1, September 9th 1 PM

Spaintember 2017 Tasting Session 1, September 9th 1 PM

The Wines of Green and Mediterranean Coastal Spain

Splitting the Wines of Spain into two tastings is not easy but it does make some sense stylistically if you follow the perimeters and coasts of Spain clockwise from "11 o’clock" , Galicia on the Iberian "clock", all the way down to "6 o’clock" and Jerez... This tasting will have the fantastic fresh whites from Galicia and Basque Country, Mencia based midweight reds, weighty reds from Jumilla and greater Catalonia, classy Cavas, sensational Sherries and plenty more not so easily classified... There will also be some interesting bonus bottles "under the table" in some vendor’s array of wines!

Here is a partial listing of featured producers: Raventos, Granbazan, Vazquez, Guimaro, Raul Perez, Rezabal, Lagar de Costa, Pura Vida, Godeval, Moure, Don Bernardino, Casa de La Ermita, Tomas Garcia, Gomariz, Los Bermejos, Pedralonga, Torres, Torello, Bodegas Luzon, Pazo de Monterrey, Pio del Ramo, Txomin, Tarima Hill, Alvear, Southern Belle, Avancia, Bohigas, Valdespino, Alvaro Palacios, Alguiera, Can Feixes, Martinsancho, Mas Alta and Barbadillo... and still more are being added!!!

We are looking forward to seeing you on September 9th, Upstairs at PJs.

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