Bernardo Estevez Chanselus Rebeiro Blanco 2015 (750ml)

Bernardo Estevez Chanselus Rebeiro Blanco 2015 (750ml)

We taste a lot of wine here at PJ Wine, some good, some not so good and every once in awhile something outstanding - today’s white wine is just that! Chanselus by Bernardo Estevez is truly a unique experience, which needs to be had by any wine lover who is looking to break free of the "norm."

Bernardo Estévez began planting his own vines and reclaiming family vineyards in 2001 while learning the niceties of biodynamic viticulture. Practicing biodynamic viticulture in the Ribeiro region of Spain is no easy task due to the damp cool conditions; many producers have to spray their vines with a fungicide to ward of rot. Bernardo is typically to be found not in the cellar but hand-working his mere two and a half hectares of vines - talk about tiny production!

Chanselus is Bernardo’s main white wine, a field blend consisting primarily of Lado & Treixadura along with other indigenous varieties of his region. The fruit is harvested by hand in late September and pressed whole cluster directly to old 500L French oak barrels and 1500L chestnut foudre (his grandfather’s) for primary fermentation with wild yeast and aged 9-10 months before being bottled with minimal sulfur and light fining & filtration, and aged in bottle at least 14 months before release.

The result of Bernardo’s hard work is this magnificent full-bodied white that will impress with its fragrant, balanced intensity. Chanselus is reminiscent of a top tier white Rhone but with a better core of acidity that adds a vibrancy, which is often lacking in Rhone whites. The mouth coating texture is to die for with its sumptuous notes of honeysuckle and orange rind.

Who is ready for a truly unique experience?

Luis Gutierrez of Wine Advocate writing about Bernardo Estevez,

" his wine keeps impressing me" and also "a new name to follow."

Fun Fact: ‘Chans e lus’ means ‘soil and light’ in Gallego– the two most important contributors to the wine, in Bernardo’s opinion.

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