Suelo Farmers Enlightenment Mountain Chenin Blanc 2015 (750ml)

Suelo Farmers Enlightenment Mountain Chenin Blanc 2015 (750ml)

Organic/Natural Wine
The owners/winemakers Matt and Eric created Enlightenment Mountain with the intention to highlight the "terroir" of their vineyard sites not to "manufacture" the wine in the cellar. As a result of their philosophy on wine we are gifted with this unique Mendocino County Chenin Blanc from organic vineyards. This is not all acid but medium-bodied with nice texture and weight where the start of secondary flavors beginning to revealing themselves, such as roasted nuts and honey. Shall we call this "Domestic Savenniere?"

Enlightenment Mountain is located on the Talmage bench in Mendocino County on a sandy loam soil. It was planted in 1978 on St. George rootstock. Four hours before being pressed, the fruit is foot-crushed in the field and finishes fermentation in the winery. Aged in 75% neutral oak barrels and other 25% in stainless steel barrels for 11 months.

When setting out to find sites we think the only way to make great wine is to start with a balanced soil biology and farmers who are willing to work hard and listen. The practices at each are organic, which we feel is necessary when talking about balance in the soil and in wine. We talk to them about the best way to start deficit irrigation with the end goal of dry farming. We are able to convince them both that fruit zone shading, which isn’t common in California, allows for better phenolic development during sugar accumulation over the growing season allowing us to pick for purity of flavors and expression of the land. We can expand on this a great deal if you want.

Our winemaking is pretty hands off, we pick when we felt they were ready based on how the vineyard looks, the flavors of the grapes, brix and acid levels. We then make the first decisions of how much whole cluster based on the growing year, experience and note towards experimentation. Then we do an ambient soak, meaning we put the grapes in fermenters at the temperature they were harvested at until the native yeast population takes off. We let the ferments do their thing once they get going, either doing a punch down a day to make sure it stays healthy until it really gets going then we go to two a day. Once we achieve dryness we press it off in a small basket press to barrel. Barrels are generally neutral, but occasionally we use up to one new barrel every couple of years.

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