Tres Palacios Reserve Carmenere 2018

Tres Palacios Reserve Carmenere 2018

Vina Tres Palacios is a family-run company founded in 1996 by Patricio Palacios and his wife Maria Ines Covarrubias. Together they accepted the challenge and made the commitment to this adventure with the objective of leaving behind a legacy that will pass on the essence of tradition to the Palacios-Covarrubias family. The cornerstone of this inheritance is the production of very high-quality, high-image wines based on grapes grown under the strictest standards of quality control. This is how their extraordinary wines began, and in just a very short period they began attracting considerable attention and earning awards in major international competitions. Motivated by their enterprising spirit and thoroughly aware of the strong competition, they decided to take a different approach to this industry that is increasingly demanding of quality and innovation. With patience-and much passion-they began their search for an area that had never before been used for winemaking. Convinced that this was the road to success, they happily assumed the risks associated with such a daring move. That is how development takes place in the Cholqui Valley sector of the Maipo Valley, which all of the climatological analyses of the Department of Agriculture of the Universidad Catolica showed exceptional indicators, placing it among the world’s best vitivinicultural zones for growing the varieties selected by Vina Tres Palacios.

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