Cooper & Thief Pinot Noir in Brandy Barrels (750ML)

Cooper & Thief Pinot Noir in Brandy Barrels (750ML)

Winery Notes:
"Stashing Pinot Noir in brandy barrels creates a lush mouthfeel, with salted caramel and delicious baking spices flavors. Each taste of this California Pinot Noir gives way to aromatic hints of cherry, cardamom and spiced apple. This red wine garners its unique taste thanks to Pinot Noir grapes found all across California's prime winegrowing regions. By blending a portion of Pinot Noir that’s been aged in brandy barrels, we produce a complex, smooth and rounded wine. Stack this flavorful, bold California wine up against steak or poultry, or enjoy on its own as a new sort of night cap. For a devilishly good taste, chill this Pinot Noir for 20 minutes prior to serving."

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