Niepoort Nat Cool Tinto Bairrada 2020 (Liter)

Niepoort Nat Cool Tinto Bairrada 2020 (Liter)

Organic / Natural

The New York Times article: 20 Under $20: Minimal Effort, Maximum Pleasure.
In most cases, wines with gimmicky names like Nat Cool are a turnoff. They reek of marketing, more than careful winemaking. But Dirk Niepoort is a visionary producer, so don’t look at the label, just drink. This is a delicious thirst quencher made of the baga grape, not complex. It’s easygoing and low in alcohol at 12 percent, with aromas and flavors of flowers and earthy red fruit. And it comes in a liter bottle.

Light in color, the 2017 has a very fruity character, but with more freshness and floral notes than the first vintage of this wine. The individuality of the Baga grape variety and the Bairrada region shine through clearly, with red fruits, some spice and a mineral undertone which reflects the lime-rich soils and the distinctly Atlantic climate. Fresh, truly enticing and full of precision, this is a wine which is light on its feet and easy to enjoy. It downright invites you to pour another glass! It is an incredibly versatile food partner - all you need for a successful pairing is a table and friends. Serve chilled. Naturally cool, pure pleasure!

The baga vineyards are farmed organically and are located in Bairrada. All work is done by hand. Soil is calcareous clay. They utilize natural fermentation with wild yeast. No sulphur is added.

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