Cost Sale




What is The Cost Sale?

The Cost Sale is a chance for customers to buy wine for the same price we pay! The sale happens every year in February (2/6~2/17/2017 this year).



How much will I save?

Every bottle has a different price structure, but a general rule of thumb is that wines ending in “7” (e.g. $12.97) will be discounted by 10-20% or more and wines ending in “9” (e.g. $12.99) will be discounted by 20-30% or more.


How many bottles can I purchase in the Cost Sale?

Cost Sale bottles are determined by the following:

$400 spent/year = 3 bottles

$750  = 6 bottles

$1,500 = 12 bottles

$3,000 = 24 bottles

$4,000 = 36 bottles

$5,000 = 48 bottles (Maximum allowed)



How Do I Purchase Wines During the Cost Sale?

All Cost Sale purchases must be made during the sale (Sale starts at 12:01AM on Monday February 06, 2017 and lasts until 11:59PM Friday February 17th, 2017.) To place an order, simply go online and add your “Cost Sale” wines to your basket. When you check out, just add the phrase “Cost Sale” in the comments box. WINES ARE NOT AUTOMATICALLY DISCOUNTED. Once we confirm stock and your eligibility you will receive a final confirmation. Your card is not charged until we confirm the sale so please allow one to two business days for the correct amount to appear on your statement. You will also receive the correct/final invoice with your delivery. If you are mixing Cost Sale and non Cost Sale wine in the same order, please clarify in the “Comments” box.


Can I call in or email my order?

Sorry, because of high call volume during the Cost Sale, the easiest way to place your order is online. We can’t place orders via email. You can also purchase Cost Sale wines in our shop, but you need to bring a printed out email confirmation (or use your smart phone).



Does Free Delivery Apply to the Cost Sale?

Yes, but only if you add an additional $170 of non Cost Sale wine. Cost Sale wines do not count towards free delivery. 



Are there any limitations on the Cost Sale?

Only wines younger than the 2001 vintage are eligible. The Cost Sale is for wine only, not for liquor, gift card, accessories, or shipping charge. Only wines available on our website are eligible. We reserve the right to exclude certain bottles.

How long does the sale last?

The sale is approximately two weeks long. You will receive an email in January letting you know how many bottles you may purchase at cost and when.


Can I combine or transfer my purchases with another account?

Only one account can be used. The Cost Sale promotion is non-transferable. Only wines purchased in the year before the cost sale count towards eligibility. The Cost Sale discounts can not be added to any previous orders. 



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