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Organic / Natural Wine Tasting

Saturday April 27th 2pm - 5pm


Help us celebrate Earth Day on Saturday, April 27 by joining us at our next big wine tasting showcasing organic, biodynamic and natural wines. This year, we took our annual organic wine tasting to the next level by focusing on wines that are biodynamically farmed, many of which are also being naturally made. The producers that will be showcased all focus on sustainability and clean winemaking. Clean sounds good, doesn’t it?

What does all this mean? Come by and find out for yourself! We will have over forty wines opened for you to taste, all being poured by a knowledgeable staff who are well versed in the fundamentals of biodynamics. They will be able to answer questions such as: what do biodynamic farming practices entail? How is it good for the environment and also me? What are natural, orange and skin contact wines?

If the hair on the back of your neck stands up when you hear skin contactorange wine or Pet Nat, then this is the tasting for you! If this is all new to you, don’t fret, for none of the wines being poured will be too funky or weird (sorry bret fans).


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