Best Wines Under 10

Best Wines Under 10

Just like Robin Hood got his kicks steeling from the rich and bestowing all his utterly awesome finds on the poor, at PJ we take a great amount of pleasure nabbing the über-bargains and setting them out on our floor. And as far as the best wines under $10 go, consider us your own personal Mr. Hood and his band of merry sippers.

Now, this is not to say we are fond of filching. Far and away from it! What we do believe in oh-so strongly, though, is value. A sommelier we know told us recently that the price drop in wine over the last year or so has made the competition pretty stiff in the $10 and under category—because those wines? They were the previous year’s $12 and sometimes over wines. And while that might sound like splitting George Washington’s wig hairs, it makes a difference in what we—and you—find beneath the cork.

What do we look for in the best wines under $10? The same things we look for in more expensive wines: Balance. Inexpensive shouldn’t mean inept. You’ve heard wine and food writers go on and on about the European tradition of wine being part of the daily meal; of it being, really, a food unto itself. Well that’s no hooey—it’s for real. We will beat this drum until our sticks wear down to matches, but wine and food belong together, and just like your average Calabrese or Galician or Loire-livin’ work-a-day gal or guy isn’t going to blow the bank on Tuesday night vin or vino with some simple roasted chicken, neither should you. Go forth and sip! And tell ‘em PJ sent you…

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