Best Wines Under 20

Best Wines Under 20

Hey Nineteen, we’ve got something in common. We like a bargain, too.

But let’s just talk about that word for a second—bargain. After all, one man’s plonk is another man’s prize (and, hey, as long as you’re enjoying it, via con Dios). Still, at 20 bucks and less, there’s a lot of valid value to be had, and then some.

We like to call this the sweet spot—the best wines for under $20. Why? Because it’s the price point where not only can you find something really good, but really versatile, really interesting, really try-on-able, really affordable! And pretty darn great, too. Think about it—sparkling wines outside of the Champagne, lusty southern Italian reds, brilliant northern Italian whites, juicy Tempranillos, aromatic Muscadet, glorious Gamay, California Central Coast sippers, an entire ocean-full from the Languedoc-Rousillon… where do we stop? Where do we begin!

Seriously, finding the top wines under $20 might be one of our favorite past-times here at PJ. Not just because it proves that you can absolutely find Old World bargains in classic spots, but because it makes room to experiment with something you may never had tried, like an Chardonnay from Jura, an Assyrtiko from Greece, a Negroamaro from Puglia, and maybe even a few things you have but would like to get to know better, like the myriad versions of Sangiovese in Tuscany, or the stellar Riesling of the Finger Lakes right here in New York. Finding the best wines under $20 isn’t just possible, it’s chock full of possibility…


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