Best Wines Under 30

Best Wines Under 30

Talk about room to play—the question here is not how to find the best wines under $30, it’s about how to pick from all the amazing finds in wines under $30! At this price point, you can have an out-and-out field day hopping from chateau to bodega to cantina to California ranch with your arms so full of bottles you’ll have to hire a U-Haul to hold all the treasures you’ll find.

Why? Think about it. It’s a little bit of a no-man’s land as far as price points go. The big spenders will gladly dole out $50, $100 or much more a pop for special bottles or curiosities of whim. But the rest of the world? We want everyday wines under $20 (or less) that are accessible and good, but not bank breakers. At $30, give or take, producers know that their audience is expecting something better than good, but also something that they might be more willing the shell out a little more for than the average, work-a-day wine. These aren’t special occasion wines (although they very well could be!); they are “Yay! It’s Friday!” wines. That reasonable kind of splurge that we’re all generally happy to engage in on weekend night when we can really kick back and enjoy it. 

Want some specifics? You’ve got it: In this category, Zinfandel lovers can rejoice! Many of California’s greatest Zin producers, like Ridge and Seghesio, have some of their best wines at $30 and under, not to mention lusty Napa Cabs from producers like Hardin and Honig. And let’s not forget the Super Tuscans, Piemontese Nebiolos, stellar Crianzas from Rioja, limpid Loire Valley Sancerres and Cab Francs, and… well, sheesh. We could go on and on. Instead, check out our ever-updating list of the best wines for under $30 for a treasure trove of (affordable) indulgences!


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